Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spuddie's Big Adventure

The baby of the family leaves on Monday for the wilds of A . . . . I can't say the name of the country for security reasons, but let's just say the population is 95% Muslim. She's going to be working with a half-way house for girls coming out of prostitution. Teaching them English, living skills, and the love of God. They will also be spending time in G., working in orphanages I believe. She is too excited for words.
My daughters have all grown in grace this year, but Candyce has been transformed. She truly is beginning to walk in her calling, to fulfill God's destiny for her life. She has an exuberance, a radiance about her these days, it's quite contagious. Her name means "brilliant, bright white" and the powers of darkness don't stand a chance.
She's a resourceful one, this girl. While at Ecola Bible school last year, she decided she wanted a tatoo. Being a poor Bible college student, she didn't have the cash. So, she roped a few friends into driving to Seaside with her and they serenaded the tourists until the coffer was filled. Outreach will be a piece of cake for Candyce.
We will miss her like crazy, but can't wait to hear about all the wild adventures and God-things that happen during the next two months.
Keep her in prayer. If you'd like to contact her for more info, leave a comment and I'll send her email address.


mexicandyce said...

i love you so much!
i feel honored that you would blog about me and my adventures with jesus. see you in two months!

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