Sunday, April 09, 2006

After while, Crocodile!

What a glorious trip we had!(although it still seems rather tragic to vacation without the children. But I think I'm getting over that . . .)
We gorged ourselves on a myriad of fishy delicacies. We saw lots of gators during our pontoon boat tour (although Greg chickened out on his vow to swim with them. Given the fact that our will has not been recently updated, that was probably for the best!) We walked on the beach and didn't even think about how middle-aged we looked :) We toured St. Augustine, the oldest city in America, ate conch fritters and bought antique alligators there.

We went to church on Sunday--Greg's parents, his brother Galen, Greg & me--and I was greatly blessed. I love visiting new churches because you feel like you "fit" even if you don't know a soul. Taking communion with Greg's family and the church family I'd never met made me just a bit more conscious of the eternal connectedness of all things in Christ. It doesn't get any better than that!
We are now home, tanned and relaxed, but we've hit the ground running. But if I close my eyes, I can stilll hear the roar of the surf and feel the kiss of the Florida sun . . . .


Lo said...

sounds amazing...sigh.

Lo said...

woohoo! i can't wait to read it.

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