Thursday, May 11, 2006

My husband is NOT Tim Robbins

Greg or Tim?
Who is this man?

Several times each week, my husband gets asked the question: "Has anybody ever told you that you look like Tim Robbins?"
I didn't even know who Tim Robbins was when the comparison was first made, but after Shawshank Redemption and Arlington Road I could recognize his face. I personally think Greg is much more handsome than Mr. Robbins, but he gets a kick out of being compared to him all the same. It is his claim to fame.
Not long ago, we visited my daughter's Starbucks and ordered a latte. While Danielle made our drink, she introduced us to Amber, a new employee who was working the till. Instead of making the usual pleasant conversation with us, she just stared rudely at Greg, grabbed his money and silently handed him back his change. We thought that maybe she was just having a rough first day on the job, but we heard the real scoop from Danielle later. As soon as we left the store, a wide-eyed Amber rushed over to Danielle and asked, "Is your Dad Tim Robbins?"
While he doesn't care for most of Tim's movies and soundly rejects his politics, I think Greg secretly likes being compared to a celebrity. It's always a great conversation starter and adds a little lustre to the daily grind of life.
In my opinion, however, not only is my husband hotter than Tim Robbins, his gentleness and integrity reflect the qualities of greatness far more brilliantly than any Hollywood star could muster.
Philippians 3:15,16 describes people who shine like stars in the universe, holding onto the Word of Life.
That's my husband. At first glance, Greg might resemble a movie star. But if you look closer, you'll see he's reflecting the glory of God.


two bird lindsay said...

jiminey christmas, they do look a lot alike.
I personally like that my dad looks like a celeb.

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