Friday, September 15, 2006

for the glory of God

I learned a lot this past week . . .
First of all, I do not have cancer!
Thank You, Thank You, God!
But the process--from the unsettling way I found out about the lump in my breast to having to doggedly track down the biopsy results--was quite sobering.
(I could write a whole blog on the biopsy experience. But I won't. Greg, who observed the procedure, commented: "It was a REALLY BIG needle!"
The doctor was actually able to remove the entire lump during the biopsy. Then she put a titanium chip in the spot where the lump was.
"In case we get bad news and need to know where the lump was," she informed me.
So now I have a souvenir of one of the more traumatic weeks of my life!)

As unsettling as my week was, however, I was swaddled with a sense of God's peace. The phrase "for the glory of God" permeated my thoughts and prayers and gave me a different outlook on my circumstances.
Normally, I would have frantically searched for a sign or a scripture from God--either for the assurance of my healing, or preparation for the trial ahead of me.
But for some reason, I didn't go there this time. "Let this be for Your glory, Lord," was my only plea. I felt almost detached from what was happening to and around me and focused on more heavenly things.
It was awesome and odd, all at the same time.
It wasn't all about me, for a change . . .