Saturday, October 14, 2006

mending the nets . . .

One book that has greatly impacted my Christian walk is "The Harvest" by Rick Joyner. This book was based on a series of visions he'd received from the Lord, revealing the shape and shadow of things to come.
I'm not a huge Rick Joyner fan these days, but I read "The Harvest" so many times that part of it is forever imprinted in my brain.
And I've been lately pondering the chapter on fishing nets.
Rick believes that the Lord is going to connect ministries, churches, and individuals to form great "fishing nets" that will be able to contain the final harvest. The Lord will repair any rifts and create strong bonds necessary to hold up against the strain of the many who will be gathered in.
It's a beautiful picture of the true church in all Her glory, reflecting the perfect unity of the Bride of Christ. But for now, there are still many gaps in need of mending. . .

As I turned 50 this year, I took stock of my life and relationships and concluded that there are many more rips in my net than I'd like to admit. Many of my relationships over the years have either been violently rent apart by life's storms, or slowly eroded by a myriad of ordinary things--busy schedules, moves, changing interests, disappointments . . .
But the Lord has given me a desire and hope for restoration that goes beyond renewed friendship. I long to be part of that net that Rick Joyner described--so strongly connected to the others He's brought into my life that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against us.
So this is my quest--to ask the Lord to mend my nets where fellowship has been broken beyond my ability to repair; to reach out to friends who are still within my grasp, and hold on for dear life should they take my hand; to tie up severed strands with forgiveness and double-knot those relationships for a surer hold; to encourage others to mend their own nets as we await the Lord's return.
A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17