Thursday, February 08, 2007

Moose on the loose

We spotted fifteen moose on our trip to Soldotna today. That's the most moose I've ever seen in one day. It's hard for them to hide their winter-fattened bodies behind the bare willow branches this time of year.

Moose look so calm and docile from a distance, but annually, they kill more people than bears.

So don't pet the moose.

It was a great trip to Soldotna. I spoke to about 30 students--mostly Alaska Natives--at Alaska Christian College. Darren, a young man from McGrath, came up to talk to me afterward.
I asked him if he ever thought about taking the gospel message back to his village.

"McGrath is Egypt to me," Darren answered slowly, carefully formulating the words in his head before he spoke. "The Lord has called me out of Egypt. If I ever go back, it will be like the wind blowing through, but I will never pitch my tent there."

I couldn't argue with that, but I'm on a mission to get Native believers to take their testimonies back into the villages.

So I tried another tack.

"Well, maybe you can come to our camp on the Yukon and tell the Native kids there what God has done for you," I suggested.

"Alleluia!" he said without hesitation.

Wow, what a day! I saw 5 eagles, 15 moose and met a precious young Native evangelist. And the day is only half done . . .


two bird lindsay said...

15 in one day! thats awesome. I miss the wildlife of Alaska...

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