Sunday, April 29, 2007

rainy day blessings

We are on the Yakima ferry once again, headed back to Anacortes. We woke up to a strange sight this morning: the sun’s rays peeking through our window. We had to laugh—the sunshine was the perfect grand finale for our stay on Orcas island!

Greg and I actually felt the rainy weather was a blessing in disguise. For one thing, we rested. We normally return from vacations totally exhausted, needing a week or so to recuperate. We play hard, exploring every nook and cranny, trying to experience all our chosen destination has to offer.

We’d talked about renting mopeds or bikes, trying sea kayaking or doing a trail ride around Orcas Island. Because of inclement weather, we did none of the above. Instead, we were content to laze about our room, enjoying the view as we cuddled in front of the gas fireplace. Each night, we got in a good eight hours of sleep--plus at least one nap a day.

If this sounds dull to you, it wasn’t. It was totally and completely luxurious. I can’t remember when I’ve felt more rested, body, soul, and spirit.

Not only was our get-away relaxing, it was productive. After grabbing a latte’ in East Sound, we’d spend the bulk of each morning working on the marriage retreat we are leading in May. We read books on communication, love and respect, commitment , and (of course)sex—and then discussed what topics and principles we wanted to incorporate into the retreat. We reminisced over the wonderful lessons the Lord has taught us throughout our 30 years of marriage. Afternoons, we’d drive to the different coves and other points of interest the island, enjoying the scenery, shops and eateries in our own sweet, laid-back time. The misty terrain, combined with the gentle drizzle, made everything on the island seem a bit ethereal . . . and romantic!

I can’t remember when I’ve felt more connected to my husband in body, soul and spirit.

So, thank You, Lord, for slowing us down . . . You knew just what we needed. Thank You for the sunshine today . . . but I am especially grateful for the blessing of lazy, rainy days!


Jennifer said...

Nothing about this getaway sounds dull to me! In fact, it sounds perfectly heavenly! :)

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