Thursday, May 03, 2007

Evangelism for Cowards

I just came across this great article on how to evangelize if you're not a flaming extrovert. Here's just a sample to whet your appetite:

For years I wanted to be an effective witness. I took classes, listened to sermons and read books about evangelism. I tried every method I could find, but it seemed to get harder instead of easier. I wondered, "If God wanted me to share my faith, why didn't He give me a more outgoing personality? Why should it be so hard?" I finally gave up on evangelism, because I got tired of feeling guilty.

That began a journey from guilt-based sharing to grace-based caring and sharing. I discovered that God made me in exactly the way He wanted so He could work through that temperament. He didn't want me to become something I wasn't; He wanted me to be me.


Jennifer said...

Ooooh! Good timing for me! Thanks for that punch of packed filled wisdom!

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