Thursday, May 10, 2007

woodland creatures

I'm very proud of Candyce, my youngest daughter. I've written about some of her missionary adventures in prior posts--but I've never blogged about her artistic genious. Allow me to remedy that . . .

Candyce was born with a sketchbook and pen in her hands. OK, not really, that would have hurt, but she's been drawing things since she could walk. I think artistic aliens may have abducted her as a baby, since neither Greg or I can even write legibly, let alone draw!

She's always had this interesting technique since her very first doodle. She drew notebooks full of intricate scenes of objects in motions--usually furry little animals. What made Candyce's drawings so special was the fact that she'd draw these complicated scenes using a single, unbroken line. It was amazing!

If you were to travel around the country and visit the various towns we've called home, you'd most certainly come across some of Candyce's artwork. On a refrigerator here, in a school art display there . . . she's artistically enhanced coffee houses, youth rooms, and classrooms from here to Wyoming.

Her latest coup, however, came out of the blue--Candyce has been asked to do the cover of the new Militia Group Summer Sampler CD! Someone in the art department saw a card Candyce had drawn for Lindsay's birthday last year and flipped over it. So her woodland creatures will be enjoyed by discerning music lovers everywhere this summer--way to go, Spuddie!


two bird lindsay said...

I dont even know if Candyce knows this, but we are printing 100,000 (yes, one hundred thousand) of the samplers (entitled "We Have Such Talented Friends").

crazy, huh?

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