Friday, June 29, 2007

A note from Lindsay in Uganda . . . .

Wow. I’m not sure how to say all the things I am thinking. I’m overwhelmed, I’m tired, but I am so grateful to be here. The African church experience was better than I expected (and I expected greatness) – these people worship God with full abandon. I have great respect for Pastor Jackson and his staff – they truly are changing Uganda from the inside out. We’ve been at the orphanage for three days now and I’m just starting to know the kids names (and maybe have a favorite or two!).

I helped the medical team for two days – organized, and got a “flow” going in the medial building. And yesterday I shoveled concrete like a pro with the construction team. In all of this, by far, the best part is the kids. All they need is love and they soak it up like little sponges. They hug you, touch you, hold your hand, and just want to be near you at all times. And I can’t get enough of it. Who knows what these kids have seen – I’m sure all of them have been through many terrible tragedies. It is so encouraging to see them in a place where they are learning about Jesus and where they are given love.

I truly believe these kids will grow up and change Uganda. I’m so thankful to be here, to be part of this team, and today we set off for the church in Kampala to set up a clinic. I think today will be the most challenging – but I am ready for the challenge! Love you you all, and see you soon – if I come back, that is. 