Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Awesome possum!

A snapshot of the past 36 hours of my life:

Yesterday, at 6:30 am, I said goodbye to Candyce, who is heading off for the wilds of Africa. She's traipsing off to potentially dangerous territory with an overweight back pack and a friend. They say they are "trail blazing," scouting out several African countries for future mission trips. They told me not to worry.

I saved her last voicemail on my phone so I can listen to her sweet "goodbye, mum, I love you!" over and over again. For the next two months!

I arrived at work at 8:30, and was immediately hit in the solar plexus by a very nasty email from a co-worker. I tried to resign, but my boss wouldn't let me. He explained patiently that nobody likes being attacked and that everything would work out fine. I didn't even try to explain to him that I've been attacked so many times by my fellow "Christian soldiers" that I come unglued quite easily. I just nodded, and headed back to my office for prayer and chocolate.

Last evening, I talked Greg into buying a window airconditioning unit because it's 102 degrees and our bedroom gets really hot. He agreed, but while we were installing it in our bedroom window, it slipped from my grip and plummetted toward the ground. Did I mention our bedroom is on the second story?

Greg was holding the window open so I could position the unit, but when I called for help--I was frantically clutching a flimsy piece of plastic--he let go of the window which promptly fell on my head. So there we were, both hanging out the window, trying to wrestle the unwieldy 50 lb. airconditioner back into the house, yelling for Danielle to come help us. Of course, Scout was barking her head off!

I can't imagine what the neighbors thought! But they are probably used to us by now . . .

We were finally able to rescue the runaway air-conditioner, but by that time we had to head to the airport to pick up Lindsay, who was returning from two weeks of ministry in Africa. I was bruised and traumatized, but anxious to see our adventurous daughter. (And she had some amazing stories to tell. I am so proud of her!)

At 9 am this morning, Greg and I were able to finish installing the air-conditioner. It still doesn't seem very stable to me, but it works and at 102 degrees, that's all that matters. I was in the shower at 9:15 and heard Lindsay screaming.
It turns out that Greg had asked her to help him take the cover off our pool and they'd discovered a dead possum floating underneath it. The critter had been deceased for some time, apparently, and they had quite the time removing it (piece by piece) from the pool. By the time I got dressed and made it downstairs, Greg had disposed of the nasty, smelly creature.

"It's in the freezer," he told me, sounding rather pleased with himself. "I'll put it in the garbage on Thursday morning."

Yeah, I screamed. You would have, too, if you'd found out there was a decaying rodent in your deep freeze!

An hour later, Lindsay and I were enjoying massages at the Haven of Rest Day Spa, part of Greg's birthday present to me. I tried, unsuccessfully, not to think about the possum. We then got pedicures and generally pampered ourselves the rest of the day.

Only the Lord knows what tomorrow holds!
And I'm not going anywhere near the freezer until the garbage truck comes on Thursday!


Krispin Mayfield said...

When are things not an adventure with the Strannigans? I think it's in the genes.

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