Wednesday, November 28, 2007

kitten theology

Sometimes the Lord uses the simplest things to teach me His ways . . .
and lately He's been using my new kitten!

Little pilgrim is one of the most endearing kitties I've ever known. She's just your typical shelter cat--she came "fully equipped" with worms and fleas (and she has really bad gas)--but no one seems to mind. I've seen avowed cat-haters go weak at the knees over this scruffy little fur ball.

So what is pilgrim's allure?

She trusts--and offers herself to people with full abandon.

When Danielle and I first met pilgrim at the adoption center, she was in a large cage with her mother. How did she react when a complete stranger rudely snatched her from her safe haven?

Pilgrim blissfully melted into Danielle's arms and started purring.

"Mom, we have to get this kitten!" Danielle announced. By the time we reluctantly put pilgrim back in her cage, we were both completely smitten.

Pilgrim has responded to every human she's encountered in a similar fashion. When she's done rampaging about the house with Scout and ready to settle down, she can't get close enough to people. I walked into our living room yesterday and was delighted to see pilgrim draped around Greg's neck.
"She wasn't content just to sleep in my lap," he explained, looking a wee bit embarrassed.
They were pretty much the cutest things ever!

So what's the spiritual lesson here? This stinky, flea-bitten, cast-away kitten brings great pleasure to everyone she meets. And it isn't because she is loving--she doesn't posses the people-pleasing devotion of a dog, for instance.

But she is trusting and more than willing to receive our love. And that is what makes pilgrim irresistable!

What a picture! When we are able to trust God enough to just spread ourselves out in His arms of love, we bring Him great pleasure.

I could just go on and on . . . but I need to go cuddle with my kitten!