Monday, December 31, 2007

Not losing a daughter, but gaining a son!

Yep, it happened! Danielle Louise got married and is now Danielle Mayfield.
It was a precious time--supernaturally stress-free.
More details to come later, but I wanted to get a few of my personal pics on the blog for now.

I've filled out so many marriage licenses for Greg (his handwriting is illegible)--it was a bit surreal filling one out for my own daughter. That's when it really hit home.

I didn't cry until I started walking down the aisle. Some say it started a chain reaction. Greg got pretty choked up at one point--it's not an easy thing to officiate at your own child's wedding. Matt Mayfield opened the ceremony. He looked a bit teary at times, as well.

The reception was amazing--chocolate fountains galore with very yummy tidbits to dip in the gooey goodness. After the toasts, which were lovely, the dancing commenced and Greg brought down the house with his Numa Numa gyrations. Regardless of what's been said about him in the past, he is a strong dancer!

As far as I could tell, the only glitch was the fact that the soundtrack didn't come on during the slideshow. Oh well, the pictures made their own music.
Speaking of music, Jeff Foskett (of the Brian Wilson band and my brother-in-law)rocked (playing MY guitar) as he did two Beach Boy songs for the processional and recessional.

Oh, and Robin Mayfield and I may have started a mysterious new wedding tradition. I told her, right before we were seated, that my shoes had stretched out and I was going to take them off before we trotted up on stage to pray with Yellie and Krispin during communion. Robin graciously did the same when she went up during that part of the ceremony. Several people asked me later if barefoot moms were some kind of Chinese wedding tradition :)

Thanks to all of you who helped make this such an amazing event.
And thanks to the Lord for His sweet Presence throughout the joining of these two young lives!


jenzai said...

It was such a privilege to be there! Absolutely beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring!
luv, Jen Proehl

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