Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tyson and pals

I just had to post this pic because it's so darn cute!

Tyson has been praying for Scout for the past several weeks and finally got to come over and meet her.
Of course, Pilgrim had to get in on the action . . .

Ah, the power of a child's prayers!


Alyssa said...

I'm so glad we got to see you and Scout today! It was snowing on the way home from Kidmo tonight, so I prayed out loud for us to get home safely and as soon as I finished, Tyson yelled out, "Mommy! You forgot Scout!!!" So we prayed for Scout again because we must pray for her as much as possible. :) We're so glad she's doing better!

Amy Ginther said...

Oh Shawn, this picture makes my heart happy for SO many reasons!!! I could hear Scout barking in the background last night while I was talking to Greg, and earpiercing as it was I couldn't help but smile. And sweet Tyson, what can I even say about such a wonderful little boy? I'm glad they finally got to meet.

lindsay anne said...

Aw, this is really super cute. :)

And, um, you need to change your title for my blog because I AM moving to Portland. No more of this "She needs to move to portland" stuff.

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