Sunday, February 24, 2008

free falling

I kept having a "vision" during worship today--our very last worship service at Abundant Life. I saw myself--actually, I felt myself--falling backwards into unknown arms that had linked together to form a safe landing place for me. In Young Life (and other organizations, I suppose), it's called a "trust fall."

A trust fall is an exercise where one person deliberately allows himself to fall, trusting that others will catch him. For whatever reason (I suppose the main one being that I have major trust issues), I have never been able to complete this exercise. My personal experience tells me that I will hit the ground--hard--every time.

Even though I was never able to abandon myself to a "trust fall" at Abundant Life, the mercy and grace I received there brought deep healing to my soul. Today, I stand at the edge of a precipice--having no clear idea what my future holds--but hope has been restored and a sturdy platform for trust has been erected in my heart.

And I am ready to free fall into whatever the Lord has next for me, without worrying about a crash landing!


lindsay anne said...

I definitely feel like I am free falling. I'm not so sure I have a sunny outlook on it yet, but I'm trying. :)

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