Monday, April 07, 2008

band of gypsies

Greg and I saw the movie "Bucket List" last night and really enjoyed it. It's a sweet flick about two old guys who discover they are dying--and then set out to experience life together before they kick the bucket. They do a bit of traveling--from a safari in Africa, to the Taj Mahal and then the Great Wall of China. As I was enjoying the spectacular sights on the big screen, I realized that my daughters will visit each of those continents this spring/summer!

Actually, Candyce is already in India, leading a two-month long outreach with a mission organization. She left me a message on Facebook just this morning, assuring me she was alive and well and enjoying the abundance of curry! Candyce and her team of 12 students will be working with indigenous believers and taking the gospel to several towns and villages in India (I can't be more specific because of security issues).

The day after Candyce returns, Danielle and Krispin leave for China. Krispy will show Danielle where he grew up and then they'll visit his folks in southern China and then explore Hong Kong (Danielle is really hoping to meet Jackie Pullinger while they are in HK). They'll traipse around Asia for two months and return to Oregon the day AFTER Lindsay leaves for Africa.

Yep, she's going back. But to Kenya this time, with another mission group. Not sure of all the details at this point, but she'll be doing something with children and soccer teams. She's taking her full two weeks of vacation and investing her life in an eternal cause as she shares the love of Christ with African orphans.

So where am I going this summer? Right back to the spot my heart calls home--to a tiny little village on the Yukon river. I don't need a passport to get there--just a heart that's willing to be broken for the things that break God's.

If you happen to think of us in the coming months--the fabulous, flying Strannigan family--please say a little prayer for us! I have no idea when our little band of gypsies will all be together in the same place again!