Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The faith of a child

I just have to share this very cute conversation I had with Tyson (Scout's friend) recently. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time and have followed the saga of my spazzy little dog, you will recall that Scout has her very own four-year-old prayer warrior. Scout was feeling so chipper a few weeks ago, that we headed for Gresham and went on a walk with Tyson and Kate and their mom, Alyssa. Neither Alyssa nor I can recall the conversation verbatim, but it went something like this:
Me: "So Tyson, do you know why Scout is feeling so much better now?"
Tyson: Yes, because of me!
Alyssa: "Tyson, was it because of you or because of God answering your prayers that Scout got well?"
Tyson (he has to think about this for a second): "Well, God. But I prayed!"

I love it! Tyson got the connection between his prayers and God's answer--a correlation that I think we adults sometimes miss. We'd chalk Scout's improved health up to the prednisone, or the organic dog food I'm giving her, or just good luck. But not little ones--they get it!

So, thanks for your prayers, Tyson, and keep on praying! The vet told me yesterday that Scout will always have this "immune-mediated" condition and that she'll probably be on rounds of prednisone off and on for the rest of her life (I took her in because she experienced a relapse a few days ago. The vet put her back on a fairly high dose of pred again and she's doing fine now. I just have to start the weaning process all over again . . .)


jenzai said...

Thanks for the great prayer illustration! Way to go Tyson! Luv, Jen

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