Wednesday, May 28, 2008

together again . . . for a moment

The picture proves it--we were all together as a family yesterday! Candyce flew in from India after a two-month outreach and even got to spend the night at home before heading back to the Salem base for debriefing. She looked amazing, parasites and all, and we were blown away by her stories. Maybe she'll put a few in her blog one of these days.

This morning, we took Krispin and Danielle to the airport and bid them farewell. Those two crazy kids are headed for China and won't be back for two months! Krispin's parents are teachers in Kunming now, but they used to live in Cheng Du (center of earthquake damage) and Krispin wants to show her as much of China as possible. They'll spend the first few days in Hong Kong, then meet up with his folks. If you want to read about their adventures, they have a travel blog:

A month from today, Greg and I will be headed for a tiny Athabaskan village on the Yukon river. We've never traveled internationally, but getting around in the Alaskan bush is quite the experience! Even after hearing all my kid's stories of their incredible travels, my heart still longs for the Great Land.

But I have a feeling I'll visit Africa some day . . .


Alyssa said...

Such an amazing and beautiful family! I'm looking forward to hear more traveling stories. :)

Amy Ginther said...

Oh, how I miss you guys! Will you wait for a while and take me to Africa with you? Of all the places in this wonderful world I want to see...Africa pulls the stongest on my heart! It makes me happy to see your family all together.

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