Saturday, June 21, 2008

prayer request from china

I got this email from Danielle today. They are still in Cheng Du. She asked me to post this so more people would pray. So let's join forces and let our prayers reach to the other side of the world . . .

if you get a chance, pray for me and krispy . . . he is sharing tomorrow at church, which should be great (on knowing God loves you and living like it--partly influenced by the shack), and then we might be off to a village for a couple of days. we have an opportunity through a chinese friend to go and live in a refugee village for three days,

and so yesterday krispin and i battled the bulk market and left armed with tons of backpacks and art supplies for the kids. then last night i got probably the worst migraine of my life, and we had left our medicine in kunming (don't ask me why).

thus began the most painful night of my life, in which i alternately thought god was trying to teach me a lesson about suffering or trying to make me go insane. it was awful. this morning i woke krispy up and he went and found something in chinese that he was assured would work, and it does . . . kindof. i think the cold i have had has turned into a weird sinus/headache/stomache flu kind of thing, and i don't know what to do.

i think it is ironic in a way, that we finally had something to do and got all prepared (i bought rubber boots because it is so muddy out in the villages) and then something like this happens. please pray for us to know what to do. i think krispin should just go on without me, but it would be a little scary to be sick and in china, with no language skills.

other than that, it has been pretty uneventful around here . . . i feel like i am beginning to relax and enjoy china for china's sake--it is not india, it is not africa, it is not america . . . it is very much its own entity.