Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Bear necessities

Well, I got my wish this morning. Greg and I nearly bumped into a grizzly bear this morning on our walk. Believe it or not, my weak little eyes actually spotted him lumbering across the gravel road about 100 yards in front of us.

"Bear! Bear!" I gasped to Greg, waving my arms wildly in the bear's general direction. I whirled around and began sprinting back to the village. Greg didn't follow--he actually stood there and watched the bear as it searched for something tasty to eat.

"Hey dear, did you bring your camera?" my crazy spouse asked. I had, but really didn't want to stop my power-walk to get it out and snap pictures. Besides, my hands were shaking so hard I was sure the picture wouldn't turn out.
"Don't you think we should get away from here?" I queried, looking nervously over my shoulder.
"Naw, he's down wind from us, so he knows we're here. As long as we don't surprise him, we are OK," replied the brown bear expert.

Greg wasn't budging, however, so I finally stopped, fished my camera out of my backpack, set it on telephoto and took the shot. Then I headed up the road again. Greg was on his own!

He caught up with me and we made it back to the teen rec in one piece. The picture only shows a spec of golden brown fur--but when you zoom in, the bear's shaggy backside is clearly visible.

That bear is the first critter (besides dogs and ravens) I've seen in the village. And now I can say "we cheated death again."

(I'm having trouble posting pics from the village, but there will be plenty in the near future, I promise).