Friday, July 25, 2008

random ramblings . . .

Sometimes there are so many subjects that I want to blog about that my brain freezes up. I've started a few blogs in recent weeks that were originally headed in a recognizable direction. But then I get to pondering all the other weighty matters I should be addressing and the whole process shuts down.

Serious matters I've wanted to blog about: Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival. The Lost Boys of Sudan. Shock collars vs. citronella collars. The possibility that Obama is the Antichrist (just kidding. Sort of). Reality shows for dogs . . .

But I think I will let my brain rest today and just write about some of the wonderfully random happenings in my life this week:

On my trip home from Texas, I ran into old friends at the Dalls/Ft. Worth airport! We met Pat and Patti the summer we lived in Homer (2003). Pat was the pastor at the Christian church up there and he and Greg became best buds. Every summer since, we've stayed with them, gone fishing, given each other moral support--until the stinkers moved to Missouri two years ago! They were headed to Homer the day I saw them--it was so great to hug their necks and catch up a bit on their lives. I'm praying they'll move back. Homer just isn't the same without Pat and Patti.

On Facebook this week, I chatted with Stephen from Sudan, Yellie and Krispin in China, Kristin in the Alaskan bush and Dan from Canada. All in the same day--how cool is that?

My husband brought me a picnic lunch at work yesterday--complete with a bistro table and two chairs! He pulled up to the InterAct office at 12:15, set up the table and chairs and artfully arranged our Quiznos cuisine . We chowed and chatted for 45 minutes, then he packed it all back into the CRV and headed back to his place of employment. Is he the best husband on the planet or what?

I was out garage-saling with a good friend today in my little red car (a Mazda Miata, if you haven't seen me tearing about town in it). Greg always feels a bit safer when I go yard-saling in the Miata--he thinks it limits the amount of stuff I can buy. But you'd be amazed what can fit in my car when I put the top down. I've hauled home dressers, bookshelves, patio furniture--and even a kitchen sink.

But I digress.

Anyway, my friend and I were headed back to my car with our treasures when we saw a little old man shuffled up beside it. He had to have been pushing 90.

"Now, that's a sexy car!" he declared to everyone within ear shot.

Grinning, I opened the door and hopped in the driver's seat. His eyes widened.

"You've got a real sexy car!" he repeated loudly as we drove away giggling.

Hey, it's not everyday that this 52 year-old woman has a mysterious, older man tell her she's got a sexy ride!
(I tried to warn you these were random!)