Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Help Stephen get from Sudan to the States project

This may be news to most of you, but Candyce met a young man while traveling about Africa last August. He's very special to her. I'll let her describe Stephen in her own words:

So, When I was in africa last summer, I had some incredible adventures and God taught me more than I ever could have asked for.
It was a time of complete and total trust and full abandon to his will, and because of that, it was one of the greatest summers of my life.

While I was in Sudan, I met a man named Steven. At first, I took not notice of him because I was tired, and frankly pretty bummed that my friend and colleague, Minju, was not able to come to the north of sudan with me because of visa issues.
But after awhile, Steven and I became friends (actually it all started when I had malaria and he pretty much saved my life).

Steven has been working with YWAM for 8 years, partly in Cairo, partly in sudan, and now he has the opportunity to come to the US.
He speaks 3 languages, and is very bright, and is one of the most Godly men I have ever met. He does what I do (staffs DTS' and takes them on outreach) he just does it in africa.
He has his visa to the states, but he still needs some money. He has about $400, but the plane tickets cost around $1800.
When he comes to the states, it will be to better his english, speak in churches. support raise, visit friends, plan for his future, and see me of course!

He has been planning this trip for awhile, and it is no small miracle that he got his visa on his first try at the american embassy in uganda.

I spoke with one of Stephen's colleagues from Sudan today. He verified that Stephen is a wonderful, godly young man who is trying to come to the States to become better equipped for his ministry in Sudan. I haven't met Stephen yet--but am looking forward to it--but I do know his father was killed during the Sudanese civil war. He was raised in poverty by his Christian mother, who encouraged him to follow after God with all his heart.

I believe he is doing so.

If you'd like to help Stephen come to the states--he'll be visiting us here in Oregon, as well as other bases and churches around the country--there are a few things you can do.
Numero Uno is PRAY!

Like Candyce said, it's a miracle he got his visa in the first place. Pray for funds to
come in, details to work out, connections to be made, etc. Mostly that God's will be done in Stephen's life. Secondly, you can donate to the cause. You can give directly through Click on the "donate" button and click on "other" for where you want the donation to go. Then type in "Sudan--Stephen". I was assured by Stephen's colleague, Michael, today that all donations will go toward a plane ticket for Stephen. And
be tax deductible for you!

Or, you can buy something from one of my etsy shops. All sales proceeds that come in the next two weeks will be donated to the Stephen fund.
My vintage stuff is at: and my journals are: It's not tax deductible, but it's more fun :)

Thanks so much for your prayers and support on his behalf! This feels like the beginning of a very big God-adventure to me . . .