Sunday, December 07, 2008

the christmas kitten

After nearly a year of being cat-less, a rare and disturbing experience for our family, we got a Christmas kitten! And he's the best kitten ever!

I kid you not, not only is this kitten cute, he's got personality to match his adorable little orange mug. Greg named him Chairman Meow (but his nickname is Meowzda, which means something feline in Mandarin) and is totally smitten with the kitten. He is just foolish over Meowzda, as my friend Lee used to say. And the feeling is mutual.

Wherever Greg goes, Meowdza follows. When he sits down to read the paper, the kitten assists him in turning the pages. When Greg stops reading long enough to scratch the kitten's tummy, Meowzda fully extends both little paws in front of him and starts kneading the air. It is too cute for words.

We kind of used Scout as an excuse to get another kitten. Scout has always liked cats better than dogs--she may even live under the delusion that she is a kitty. Scout grew up under Clifford's tutelage (Cliffie was our beloved family cat that died of a heart attack last fall at the age of 13) and befriended the never-ending parade of garage-sale cats Danielle briefly owned. And even though we suspect Pilgrim the stinky kitten may have been the trigger for Scout's illness last winter, she and Scout were the best of friends for the short time she lived here. (you can read more about that on Scout's blog:

Not surprisingly, Meowzda and Scout hit it off from the start. In fact, I found out when I went to pick the kitty up (I found him through Craig's List) that he'd actually been born at the puppy farm where we got Scout! How weird is that? Meowzda doesn't seem brain-damaged in the least, leaving me to hope that their cats aren't as inbred as their Shelties . . .

I know this is a silly, frivolous post, but I can only write so many meloncholic blogs in a row. And, I wanted to share with you all the joy of our Christmas kitten!


Stephanie Anderson said...

Oh my goodness Shawn, your kitten is adorable! I can't wait to wait the cutie...

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