Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Partners in Crime

Warming!!!! This is another silly blog about my crazy pets . . .

I'm getting used to coming home and finding the house in pet-induced shambles. Today was no exception !
This time, however, the animals took it up a notch. They actually worked in cahoots, pitting their little pea-brains together to commit a gruesome crime.

They stole--and ate--my chocolate!

Greg gave me a little box of chocolates earlier this week, a foretaste of what's to come on Valentine's Day (right, dear?). There were only four yummy candies in the heart-shaped box and I'd already picked out my favorite--the chocolate-covered caramel. I'd put the lid back on the box and left if sitting on the counter for easy access.

Bad idea! Sometime after I left for work today, Chairman jumped up on the counter and ate who knows how much butter before he noticed the box of chocolates. Being the curious, obnoxious kitten that he is, Chairman batted the box off the counter on to the kitchen floor--where he and Scout evidently figured out how to open the box!
When I got home from work, all I found was the empty box on the floor. The little brown papers that cushioned the chocolates were gone. The candy was gone . . . Scout slunk away guiltily as I scolded her. Chairman just yawned and licked his chops.

A search of the house showed that one--or both--of the pets had chewed up two of my chocolates (the ones with the fruity fillings) and spit them out on the carpet. The third, the choco-cream filled delicacy, was never found.

Moral of the story: