Wednesday, May 06, 2009

mother's intuition

I woke up Monday morning with a fever. While I have my share of aches and pains and health issues, I rarely experience an elevated temperature--my "normal" reading is usually a few points below 98.6.
So being feverish and all, I cancelled all my appointments for that day and climbed back into bed. As I drifted in and out of sleep that morning, Candyce kept coming to mind. In fact, a very strong impulse to pray for my youngest daughter nudged me throughout that day . . .

As I shivered beneath the covers, I wondered about Candyce's health. I prayed for God's healing touch, for His comfort and grace. I even got kind of charismatic and rebuked malaria and every other exotic illness I could think of (I was running a fever, after all).

I woke up with a slight fever again on Tuesday, so called in sick at the organic farm where I volunteer. Again, I felt prompted to pray for Candyce's health and welfare and did so often throughout the day. I felt a lot better when I went to bed that night . . .

. . . but woke up with a fever this morning.

I had stuff that had to get done at work (my "real" job at InterAct Ministries), so I popped a couple of aspirins, ate a peanut butter cookie (remember, I'm mildly delirious) and drove to Boring, praying for Candyce a good part of the way. I felt somewhat better when I arrived (the cookie?) and set about my tasks, thinking I could leave early if I got to feeling worse.

About 9:30, my cell phone rang. I could tell by the number, it was Candyce!

"Mom, I have malaria," she informed me, sounding small and tired. "They tested me last night and it was positive. I got sick two days ago and have never felt so wretched in my life."

She went on to describe her burning fever and relentless pain that wracked every inch of her body. She'd been unable to sleep the past two nights because of the pain--she told me that just the pressure on her skin from lying on her cot was unbearable.

"Mom, I'd get up at night and go sit outside and cry--I wanted to talk to you so bad."

So I told her about my strange illness and how the Lord had used my fever to prod me to pray for her. We were both amazed to realize how our sicknesses coinincided--and how I'd felt led to pray for her during her most painful and desperate times.

Candyce has almost finished her malaria treatment and was told that she'll feel better in a few days. Her specific prayer was that she'd be recovered enough to travel to Uganda on Saturday, to prepare for her long trip back home on May 20th.

So, even if you aren't running a fever, please keep my girl in your prayers!


Pamela Harvey said...

Wow! Poor Candyce! My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hope you are all feeling better soon. God is Amazing!!

Jackie said...

I will be praying. God is so good to lead us always. Glad you have ears to hear. Love, Jax

Candyce Strannigan said...

oh how i remember this. It always seems when i am in serious, life-threatening danger, God tells you to pray for me! I think the only reason i am alive, is probably because of your beautiful, faithful prayers, for your youngest, wildest daughter.
i love you mom.

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