Tuesday, July 28, 2009

faith like potatoes

Since we returned from Alaska, some of the hot job propects Greg had before we left seemed to have cooled a bit. And there appear to be few viable offers out on the horizon . . .

I, being the mature woman of God that I am, plummetted instantly into panic mode. I tried to take Greg with me, but he decided to keep his eyes fixed on the things above (that would be God) and not on the things of this world (that would be our circumstances of being unemployed, no prospects and a looming mortgage).

By God's grace, however, I am reading through Hebrews right now and just cruised through chapter 10 and landed in chapter 11--the oft-recounted "faith" chapter. Realizing that faith and panic are at opposite ends of the trust spectrum, I asked the Lord to infuse me with the kind of faith I kept reading about:

"By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family."

"Now faith is . . . being certain of what we do not see."

"By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible."

I began, ever so slowly, to get the picture that faith operates best with its eyes closed--where there's not the slightest glimmer of hope. That's when God does His thing and surprises us in the dark and we can only stand in awe of His faithfulness.

And the Lord, in His goodness, cemented that truth in my frantic little brain through a movie we watched last night, called "Faith Like Potatoes."

The movie started with this line: “The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.”

And it just got better after that.

I won't ruin the movie for you by revealing the plot (it's a true story). You'll have to see it for yourself. But I'm encouraged in my faith-walk, knowing that the invisible God is working in unseen ways around me for His glory and my good.

And for today, I can trust Him for that . . .


Kathryn said...

I've seen that movie too, and liked it very much.

If you need some cinematic comic relief, try "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey.

Lylah Ledner said...

Sweet Shawn...a total delight to meet you today and connect :-)


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