Saturday, September 19, 2009

limbic lag

I just returned from a very intense week of training for the Gensis Process. I learned about such things as survival lies, FASTER scales, double binds and the limbic system.

(I you want to know more about these matters, I'd encourage you to explore the Genesis website:

The limbic system fascinated me. This part of the brain controls all automatic responses and emotions, including survival responses (fight, flight or freeze). The limbic brain determines at a very early age if the world is safe or otherwise and begins to adjust its settings (neurochemicals) accordingly. Most people develop addictions (to drugs, alcohol, sex, adrenaline, etc.) not to get "high," but to readjust those settings and feel normal again.

The cool thing is that the limbic system can be reprogrammed. Not by knowledge, but through experience. And the experience that best allows the limbic system to reset its neurochemical levels to normal levels is grace.

How awesome is that?

So Michael Dye, the creator of Genesis Process, not only teaches people how to use and apply these healing tools; he also encourages churches to become safe havens of grace for recovering people.

The only problem is that very broken people often experience more grace and acceptance in bars than in churches . . .

Which really doesn't help the recovery process.


Terry said...

Sounds very interesting and useful!

Terry said...

Ever read the book A Drink at Joel's Place?
Talks about finding more solace, more compassion at the bar down the street.

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