Sunday, January 10, 2010

the strannigan b & b

Over the years, we've been blessed by a steady stream of folks who pass through our lives--and stay at our house. A friend actually asked me yesterday if Greg and I were enjoying being empty nesters--and then stopped and laughed.
"You really wouldn't know, would you?" she observed.

But hospitality is one of our gifts and it's a happy choice we've made over the years to open our doors to those God sends our way. We've welcomed a wide assortment of wanderers--from friends to foster kids to missionaries to young men without fathers. Some stayed for days--some for years--and all have left their imprints on our hearts.

One of our most unusual guests was hitch-hiker mike. Through his connection with my sister, Erin, mike somehow appeared at our front door when we lived in Anchorage, AK. Mike was a believer, and artist and incredibly odd. (I think my girls might still have some of the apocalyptic drawings he produced for each of them). Mike stayed for about a week, and then departed to thumb his way to warmer regions. I can't recall why exactly, but after Mike left, we all wondered if we might have entertained "an angel unawares." Heb. 13:2

We just said goodbye to one of our latest visitors--the kiwis; otherwise known as Kyle, Jacob and Christian. The three guys are friends of friends of Candyce and are touring the U.S. during their holiday (I think it's summer in New Zealand). They were a blast and we learned a lot about kiwi ways and culture. We were especially pleased to know that God is alive and well and moving on the far side of the world.

So, now it's time to change the sheets, do the laundry and get ready for the next influx of friends. Let's see--there's Darnelle from Washington . . . then Tobi from Texas . . . then ????

Better make your reservations now!