Tuesday, March 23, 2010

resty, my african grandchild

So, Danielle isn't due until September, but I met my African grand daughter today. It was kind of a miracle--we didn't really know if we'd even get to the orphanage on this trip. But Candyce and Steven were busy this afternoon and Robert wasn't, so we made the 45 minute drive to the orphanage in Seeta this afternoon.

Betty, the director of Adventure village, met us when we arrived and gave us a tour of the facility. It was amazing--just four years old and they already house, feed and educate over 800 children. We asked if we could see the little girl Lindsay sponsors and Betty expressed doubt since there were so many children and we only had a first name.

Resty . . .

Lindsay had decided to sponsor her after coming to work at the orphanage with Abundant Life 4 years ago. The first time I saw a picture of Resty, I knew she was such a special child. The sweet sadness in her eyes haunted me . . . I prayed for her every time the Lord brought her to mind. I sent her a journal I'd made for her this past Christmas.

But never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd get to meet her!

I prayed all the way to the orphanage that we'd be able to find Resty. Candyce has been unable to locate her when she visited a few weeks ago. But Betty said she'd try to track down all the little girls named Resty for me to see if I could identify ours . . .

The first little girl Betty brought out for us was unmistakably Lindsay's Resty! Her beautiful brown eyes, shy smile, sweet spirit--it was her. It helped to see that she was hugging the journal I'd made her closely to her chest. I hugged her tiny frame and announced that we were Lindsay's parents. She beamed and opened the journal to show me a letter she'd written on the last page to our daughter.

She called Lindsay "mom".

Prompted by Betty, Resty told me she was the head prefect of her class (I think she's grade 3). That sounded impressive enough, but I didn't find out until later that meant she was the top student in her grade and considered the teacher's assistant!

Betty asked Resty if she'd like to show us her room, so she eagerly took us to her small house. Each house at the orphanage houses 12 children who are supervised by one mum. Resty proudly showed us her room, pointing out her bed and her schoolwork which decorated the wall behind her bunk. Then she squatted down and opened up a small suitcase next to her bed.

"I have something for Lindsay," she told us. Resty carefully removed all over her worldly possessions from the small bag, each item carefully folded and neatly arranged. Underneath the clothing she'd stowed several letters from Lindsay. She read us the one Lindsay'd sent her at christmas.

Then she pulled out to hand-decorated envelopes and told us they were for Lindsay. I tucked them lovingly into my purse, assuring Resty I would deliver the mail.

Before we left the orphanage, I invited both Betty and Zion, the head teacher, to Candyce's wedding. She'd met them once, so they considered themselves good friends. The best part is that they agreed to bring Resty! So I left money for some new shoes for her and I will go shopping tomorrow to buy her a dress.

How fun will that be? Speaking of the wedding, I bought Abudullah (my muslim boda boda driver) a shirt and tie today and Steven will invite him to the wedding as well.

Oh, I wish you all could be here for the big event!


Ann Powell said...

What a wonderful story! I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing this.

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