Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My hands are speckled with paint as I type. Blue paint, actually, the color of the summer sky. I just finished brightening up the downstairs bathroom with the cheerful color. I prayed for the next owners of this wonderful home as I painted, remembering how smitten I was the first time I walked into the house.

The arched doorways and wrap-around porch reminded me of my great-grandmother's house in western Kansas--my favorite place this side of heaven. The creek in the backyard (artificial, but still awesome since I'd specifically prayed for a house with a creek) bubbled happily and pictures of Jesus gazed down on me from every room. The master bath had just been remodeled and now had a big jacuzzi tub and walk-in tile shower. It was love at first sight for both Greg and me. And our girls were pretty excited about the pool . . .

And we've spent a lovely six years in this home, housing children in transition and offering hospitality to friends near and far. We've hosted dinner parties, showers, Bible studies, receptions, thrown pool parties for Somalian refugees, fed hungry missionaries . . . and more. This house was a gift from God that served us well. But now it is time to move on . . .

"Mom, Africa has changed you and Dad," Candyce commented during our conversation yesterday. (Yes, she's home from the hospital, large black gallstone in a jar, resting while Steven dotes on her--which he does quite well). "I hear it in your voice, the things you say . . . I'm excited for what God has next for you!"

I suppose we did come home from Africa with a different perspective. Mostly, though, Greg and I have decided that we want to spend the time we have left doing what matters most--from God's perspective. And we've felt His nudging to downsize, simplify and get ready.

For what, exactly, we don't know. But we'll be ready to roll when He makes it clear.

Anybody interested in a fabulous house in the heart of Happy Valley?