Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I ran for about 20 minutes straight today and I’m guessing I did about 2.75 miles. My foot was still a little tender from the rock bruise (note to self: don’t run on gravel trails), but I decided to go for it. If it wasn’t a good idea to run on a bruised foot, I’m sure my body will let me know . . .

Anyway, I’m certain I didn’t break any speed records, but I did complete my three mile loop in under 30 minutes. My injured foot whimpered a bit but quieted down when I altered my stride. I huffed and puffed to the halfway mark, not enjoying my run and looking forward to an iced latte when the ordeal was over.

But that all changed when HE blew past me!

He was probably a high school student out training for some sport. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone run like this kid did. He wasn’t wearing vibrams, but he ran with the distinct barefoot stride–landing on the balls of his feet, kicking his heels back, spine straight and head held high. The kid made running look effortless–and like a lot of fun!

As if I’d been caught in his tailwind, I picked up my pace. I was so inspired by his joy-in-motion that I forgot about my aching foot and energy drain. In fact, i ran another mile–mostly uphill–because of the runner’s shining example.

But what happened next was even more amazing than my own renewed vigor–I saw the kid sprint past an older gentleman who was out for his morning stroll. As the young man sped ahead, I watched the old guy kick up his heels and actually jog for a few yards! I tell you, there was something contagious about the way that boy ran!

And he had no idea the way he was impacting those around him. This kid was just doing was God obviously created him to do–run! And he encouraged me–and the old man–and who knows how many others–that we could do it, too!

Wouldn’t it be sweet if that happened as we joyfully run the race God has set before us?

Maybe people who were tired and crippled and discouraged could get caught in our “tailwinds” and be inspired to keep on keeping on . . .