Saturday, July 17, 2010

taurine--my new best friend!

Every so often, I run across a supplement or herb that positively impacts my life. Last year, I discovered l-theanine (or nature’s xanax, as I like to call it). I am still taking it to reduce anxiety–with blissful results!

This year, I stumbled upon taurine. Like l-theanine, taurine is an amino acid, produced by our bodies. Taurine deficiency has been linked to migraines, insomnia, depression and even autism! People who have MSG sensitivities are usually low in taurine–which is why I started taking the supplement.

After about a month of daily usage (1000 mg.), I am almost reaction-free to MSG. I still try to avoid the toxic substance, but when eating out or dining with friends, I’ve been able to eat what’s put in front of me without doubling up in pain a few hours later! The relief has been amazing!

I didn’t even think about using taurine for insomnia, but I find it interesting that I’ve slept (without ambien) for the past two weeks. Part of it may come from the fact that my stomach doesn’t hurt all night. At any rate, the sleep and lack of digestive issues have been great blessings!

I also find it interesting that athletes use taurine to increase strength and endurance. It definitely can’t hurt in the running department!

(Running update: I feel stronger every day and even convinced Greg to jog with me to the garden this a.m.! I am hoping to purchase a pair of vibram five-finger shoes tomorrow. More on that later).