Sunday, January 14, 2007

growing pains

As of last Thursday, January 11, 2007, my parental status forever changed. Candyce--my baby--turned 21 and eagerly took upon herself the mantle of adulthood, leaving me childless.
My life will never be the same.
Throughout most of the '80s, I thought my world would always be awash in a sea of formula and diapers, baby wipes and teething biscuits. I couldn't remember how it felt to finish a sentence, a meal, or a good night's sleep. In every family photo during that era, I appear to be exhausted, which was, in fact, the case.
I remember listening to Focus on the Family and hearing Dr. Dobson trying to persuade the millions of mothers of toddlers who listened to his show not to strangle their children.
"Before you know it, they'll be grown and gone," he said with that know-it-all tone of his.
I didn't believe a word of it, at least not until last week, anyway.
Where did those years go--and why can't I remember them better? I wish there were some sort of pill I could take which would provide instant recall. How did we celebrate Lindsay's second birthday? What did we do the day Candyce got baptized? When did Danielle decide to hate fish?
What did Lindsay wear her first day of high school? How badly did Candyce pulverize her opponent during her first Tae kwon do tournament? When was Danielle's first Agnes United performance?
What were Jonah's last words to me?
So many wonderful memories my poor little brain just cannot contain.
If I'd truly known how quickly those years would fly by and how easily I would forget such precious moments with my children, I think I would have video-taped every minute of our lives together.
Yes, even the things I did wrong. So I would know what to ask forgiveness for--and what not to do with my grandchildren.
Oh, I know I have glorious memories in the making ahead of me. I can't wait to have sons-in-law, grandbabies, and many stamps in my passport just from keeping up with my girl's adventures with God.
But, dear reader, if you still have children at home, take my advice.
Savor every moment. Dr. Dobson was right.
Before I knew it, they were all grown up and (most of them) gone . . .


two bird lindsay said...

shucks, mom, that was good. I miss you, but I think i'll be back soon.

for you information, on my first day of high school I wore black heans, a white t shirt (prob from a thrift store) and a flannel shirt tied around my waist. I'm not sure if I even knew who Nirvana was, but I rocked the flannel anyway. it was a pretty terrible outfit -- terrible enough for me to remember it today. :) man, I was such a nerd then.

and, lastly I might add that maybe you don't remember a lot of these things because we've done too much for any one human being to remember. we've packed a lot in over the years, and we have amazing memories. So, you don't know what we did for my 2nd birthday -- but for my 10th (or 11th?) we took a bunch of screaming girls to catch half-dead salmon. it doesn't get much better than that.

danielle said...

you're right, mom. i do hate that picture. no child should ever have that many bangs.
here's to future adventures!

mexicandyce said...

wow. that picture...
words escape me.
good blog, though, mom. we truly have had an incredible life. i am so thankful for everything crazy experience we've gone through as a fam. it only makes me appreciate you more.

Diana and Cool Jay said...

What a great photo! Danielle's bangs are a riot!! I want to see a photo of Lindsay's first day of high school. I can't imagine her in a flannel shirt!
Anyway girl...I'm not too far behind you and I've learned a lot about parenting from you and Greg. The time does go by quickly but we sure have a lot of fun and adventure left to experience!

Linna said...

stranny gals they just haven't changed a bit....except for maybe the bangs

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