Friday, July 27, 2007

Ahh, spa!

We are back to the real world. It was a wonderful get-away--not what we expected, but evidently what God thought we needed.

Highlights: hiking around Cascade Lake and spending an hour praying out loud with Ann. We saw deer, ospreys, chippies and a blue heron.

Fishing at Horsethief reservoir. One fish we released didn't survive and we watched an osprey circle around it for 30 minutes before swooping down right before our eyes and scooping it's dinner out of the lake. Awesome!

Playing in the Payette river: we kayaked, fished for ravenous (but tiny) perch and just generally lazed about on a sunny Idaho day.

Soaking at the Gold Fork hot springs: according to the care taker, the waters at this primitive resort are loaded with lithium (used in anti-anxiety drugs). She told us that even the wildest of youngsters mellowed out after soaking for 20 minutes in the warm pools.

This picture of Greg illustrates how we all felt at the end of our "spa day"!