Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Holy Smokes!

We were supposed to be spending the week at Allsion Ranch, a remote wilderness lodge in Idaho (Greg and George were going to work on sermons, Ann and I planned to read, hike and fish). We flew to McCall on Sunday and were to catch a small plane to the Ranch yesterday.

Wildfires changed all that, however.

Apparently, the smoke is so thick near the Ranch that the pilot didn't have enough visibility to take off. So, our stay at Allison Ranch was cancelled and I expected we'd head back to Portland.

But the kind folks at Allison Ranch are putting us up at a luxurious hotel for the rest of the week instead.
Greg and I were blown away--we think this could be about the nicest place we've ever stayed at. Jacuzzi tub, rain forest shower, fireplace . . .

Holy smokes! I love how God's plan B is always better than our plan A!