Monday, October 29, 2007

On the road again

We leave tonight for Anchorage, AK and will head to Homer tomorrow. Greg is speaking at Men's Retreat on manly things and I'm recruiting for InterAct. How fun is that?

Poor Scout. Addle-brained as she is, she's figured out that when we get the suitcases out, her dog's life gets kind of dull. Clifford, our dearly departed cat, used to try to hide himself away in the suitcases and join us on our journeys (he never managed to camoflauge his 20 lbs. of orange fur, however).

Scout just chews up the carpet and looks depressed.

Danielle also whines and mopes a bit as we are packing, but this will be the last time we leave her behind--as a single person. She'll be the new Mrs. Mayfield the next time we head for the hills.

How weird is that?