Sunday, April 20, 2008

Intelligent Design?

Greg and I watched an alarming movie last night. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a documentary by actor/writer Ben Stein, investigates the scientific community's refusal to consider Intelligent Design (ID) as one of the possible origins of life.

Stein leaves no stone unturned as he travels around the world to uncover the true motive behind this movement to separate faith from science. He interviews professionals, from doctors to journalists to scientists, who have lost their careers and reputations because they publicly mentioned ID. He visited death camps in Germany to explore the connection between Darwinism and Hitler's regime--how "survival of the fittest" led to the culling of the weak and imperfect in an attempt to genetically engineer a superior race.

When Stein repeatedly asked those who supported Darwinsism to explain how life began, their answers ranged from inane to bizarre. One scientist explained that one possibility is that life "rode in on the backs of crystals." Another, a well-known atheist, postulated that a superior race from another galaxy long ago and far away could have "seeded" life on the earth. Stein kept a straight face as he pointed out that the avowed atheist believed in Intelligent Design after all. He just chose to believe that aliens were the designers instead of God.

It seems to me there's a greater leap of faith required to believe that aliens created life on earth than to trust in a loving Creator God . . .


Pate Family said...

We just got home from seeing this! Ben Stein's ability to keep a straight face was amazing - I loved when he went through all the other religions god's and asked if he believed in any of them. Nope- but some alien sure- but do you know where that life form came from??... uhhhh...Hopefully it will get some people thinking. It was nice to meet you this morning! Tiffany

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