Friday, April 18, 2008

New business, old books

So, I'm having too much fun with this online business thing. Strantiques is doing quite well and I just started another shop. It's called SparrowTracks and it features handmade journals from recycled books. Most of the paper I use comes from recycled (from thrift stores and garage sales) items.

Most are religious themed, but there are children's and other random titles.

I love old books and have been collecting them for years. But one day I realized that I'll NEVER read them--it's really the covers and the general look (and smell) that I'm crazy about. I'm also addicted to journaling, so I put two of my favorite things together and--voila'--recycled journals!

I'm really in need of old hymnals, so if you have any to donate I'll make you your very own personalized journal.

Visit SparrowTracks at: