Friday, October 24, 2008

Doers of the Word

My children inspire me. They are living lives of radical obedience, following hard after God, seeking the Truth. Their passion for Jesus--and compassion for His people--both blesses me . . . and puts me to shame.

Danielle and Krispin, little newlyweds that they are, just moved into an apartment complex filled with African refugees. Danielle has been building a relationship with one particular family for the past 4 years and felt that Jesus called her and Krispin to take their ministry a step farther--to actually become part of the Somali community. They were willing to sacrifice their beloved cat(but they got to keep Huckleberry after all) and their peaceful, newly-married bubble to become immersed in Somalian culture. You can read about their adventures in their new blog:
They are both amazing writers--I'm addicted to their blog!

And then there's Lindsay, who lives in the heart of the Hawthorne District and manages to "shine like a star in the universe, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, holding fast to the Word of Life." (That is from Philippians chapter 4 and is boldly tatooed on Lindsay's back!) She has a heart for Africa, the poor, the outcasts and is a diligent seeker of the Truth. She has not compromised her values or wavered in her faith during her many years in the secular music industry. In the darkest of places, Lindsay shines.

And Candyce--what to say about my globe-trotting child? Her gifts of faith and boldness take my breath away. She hears and obeys the the Lord, loves deeply, is quick to repent and quicker yet to forgive. I asked her friend, Stephen from Sudan, what drew him to Candyce and he said: "She is simple. She doesn't hold back, but embraces all people." He explained that many who come to Sudan draw back from the locals once they were done "ministering." They'd wash their hands after praying for folks. But Candyce entered into the experience with her whole being. And being present, the Lord's presence was with her. How cool is that?

Now my girls aren't perfect, but this is my blog and I can brag about them if I want to! But I hope they inspire you--as they do me--to take action.