Monday, October 27, 2008

Jesus for President

I've been praying lots for this upcoming election. From reading previous blogs, you might think my requests have been: "O God, please smite Obama!" or "Let Sarah win!"

But I've not prayed that way. Months ago, the Lord put a very specific petition on my heart for the political process. My prayer has been: "Lord, let Your truth be revealed. Uncover deception and evil schemes. Let Your will prevail."

Being a bit of a conspiracy-theorist (notice the book on my reading list?), I was excited about this petition. What intriques would God uncover? What lies would He expose in the light of His truth? What motives of the heart would be laid bare?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes prayers have a boomerang effect? That they come back and smack you up the side of the head? Well, that's exactly what happened with my lofty pleas. The Spirit began digging up the dirt in my own heart!

Some of the files of my soul have yet to be "declassified," but I can reveal one alarming truth: I was born in the USA and am a citizen of the kingdom of God--but I've been living in Laodicea.

"I know your works," Jesus pointed out to me recently. "They are neither hot nor cold . . . and to be honest, your lukewarmness makes Me sick to My stomach."

Yeah, I'd felt kind of queasy lately, too . . .

"And you've become complacent and self-satisfied, drinking your $4 lattes and watching endless reality shows on your cable TV. You have no idea that you are really wretched, miserable, naked and blind. And did I mention spiritually bankrupt?"

"But Lord," I lamented. "I'm praying for our country and for the elections. What does the backslidden state of my heart have to do with such things?"

"I am coming back quickly for My Bride," He answered. "And she's not Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. And she will be ready--without spot or blemish when I arrive for the wedding. But she needs a little help with her preparations. My church is covered with the grime of Laodicea. And as much as she'd prefer a weekend at the Day Spa to get ready for her big day, it's going to take My refining fire to clean up the mess."

Ouch. Got it, Lord.

So, I've already voted, but it's beginning to dawn on me that maybe my character is more important to Jesus than my comfort. Maybe He's about to shake things up a little, to knock His Bride out of her Lazyboy and onto her knees. And He's been known to use the government to do His bidding.

I am not a big fan of suffering. But I'm sick of the dull beating of my lukewarm heart and I know that His refining fire is the only thing that will purge Laodicea from me--from us. With the election only a week away, my prayer has changed yet again:

"Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Have Your way with Your people!"


Leanne said...

You're a good one, Shawn.

danielle said...

i love it. jesus for president!

danielle said...

i love it. jesus for president!

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