Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm all set!

So, we are wonderfully tucked away in a 100+ year-old farmhouse with good friends in Hookset, NH. Having a wonderful time! Yesterday, Bruce took us to the Flume at Frankonia Notch in New Hampshire. We took a Tram to the top of a mountain and could see as far as Canada--it was wild!

Today we drove to Vermont and took in Quechee Gorge and the little hamlet of Woodstock. We hiked down to the river at the Gorge and were greeted by a very naked, very old man at the end of our hike. At first I thought he was just wearing extremely wrinkled, skin-colored swim trunks, but noooooooo . . . he was flashing more than a grin. Not something you see every day. Or want to . . .

I've learned some of the local vernacular. If someone asks you, "Would you like something to drink?" and you aren't particularly thirsty, you don't say, "No, thanks!" or "I'm good to go!" You say, "I'm all set!" So, I'm going to work that into my vocabulary from now on.

Tomorrow we visit Portland, Maine. It will be weird thinking that my real life is a continent away, in Portland, OR. But I'm really glad to be here now.

I'm all set!