Sunday, October 12, 2008

Live Free or Die!

I've been obsessed with the state motto of New Hampshire: Live Free or Die! Not sure why--I looked up it's origins and came up with this:

The motto derives from a toast offered in 1809 by a Revolutionary War general named John Stark, at a reunion of the soldiers he had commanded at the Battle of Bennington. "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils," Stark said.

Plucky state, New Hampshire! So far, I've purchased a t-shirt, magnet, mug and key chain which sport the famous motto. I think it's way cooler than Oregon's state motto: "She flies with her own wings." Who is "she" for Pete's sake? A duck? Or a beaver? You tell me . . .

Greg thinks "Keep Portland Weird" should be our state motto. It fits better.

Seriously, we've had a blast in New England. The people are friendlier than I'd supposed and the fall colors have exceeded my expectations. The weather couldn't have been more perfect--I've worn shorts nearly every day. We are going to Boston tomorrow, to walk the Freedom Trail and celebrate our last day on the East Coast.

More pics and adventures to come . . .