Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tub 'O Grub

So, in the short space of a week, I gutted our old broken hot tub, drilled holes through the shell for drainage, sucked all the water left in the jets and hoses, moved the monstrous thing, prepped it for planting and filled it with dirt!
Gutting and moving the hot tub proved to be the most challenging steps. But Greg and I removed everything but the hoses in just a few hours time. Then Greg figured out how to move the thing using 2" PVC pipes and a lever (and Josh and Krispin). We were amazed at how easily the tub rolled into its final resting place--the sunny side of our back deck. Now we understand a smidge better how the pyramids were built!
The next day, I prepped the tub for the dirt. I filled the bottom area with emtpy buckets, planters, and other plastic containers and then covered it with wire mesh garden fencing. Then I laid strips of landscape cloth over it all, duct-taping it in place.
Then the dirt arrived--thanks to the Abrahamson family and NW Organic Farms. It took two truck loads to fill the thing--with rich, composted soil mixed with organic manure. Yumm!
It's not too pretty to look at yet, but I think the Tub 'O Grub will be an object of beauty in a few months. I'm building a "waddle" fence around the edge of the garden area. Then I'll plant trailing edibles around the perimeter so they will eventually cover the black landscape fabric and sides of the hot tub--which I shall paint red on the next sunny day.
I will upload pics as I plant. I can't believe how much fun this is--and that I waited 52 years to try growing the food I eat!

Guess you could call me a "late bloomer"!


Jackie said...

That is just the coolest idea my friend! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to watch your little plants (growing) in progress. Hugs, Jax

Kathryn said...

I'm so proud of you, and jealous that you can even think about planting things. I'm still at the getting-it-together stage. We're making vegie gardens out of leaky water troughs this year. Let's get together and compare tomatoes sometime!

Naomi Glenn said...

I am pretty impressed at what you are doing. Keep up doing what you love.

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