Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garden of Eatin'

Our plot at the community garden is looking quite edible these days (even though Danielle didn't think our little space looked as "put together" as some of the others. But our veggies are bigger!) Val and I have planted corn, onions, beans, tomato and pepper plants, cauliflower and broccoli. Tonight, we took the Somali girls to the plot and they each planted a row of carrots and then watered them. It was great fun!

The girls told Danielle that their family had a small garden when they were in the refugee camp in Africa. They poured out precious water on their corn, tomatoes and onions one carefully-carried cup at a time. That garden wasn't much fun for them, however, because sometimes their father would make them stand in the patch and scare the "sheeps" away. The girls objected strongly to being human scarecrows!

But I think they enjoyed themselves tonight. No sheeps in our neck of the woods!