Monday, June 01, 2009

shower the people you know with love

I'm not much of an event planner--and I really don't enjoy going to showers or other parties where you are forced to play stupid games and make inane conversation--but I had a blast at Lindsay's bridal shower last night. The cool presents she got were definitely eclipsed by the love poured out by family and friends.

Even though having to plan Lindsay's shower gave me a few panic attacks, I felt like the Lord gave me a marvelous theme for the event: Something Old, Something New
Like her mother, Lindsay loves all things vintage. (We even manage a vintage on-line store together, aptly named Strantiques). Her wedding dress, ring and many of her wedding decorations are lovely remnants from another era. So I asked the women I invited to wrap a vintage item they actually owned and bring it to the shower.
That was the "Something Old" part.

For the "Something New," I requested gift cards. Lindsay and Nich will be living in an apartment that has severe space issues. With gift cards, I figured they could purchase items that would actually fit in their first little love nest. And whats easier for today's busy shopper than to buy a gift card?

A mix of about 20 ladies showed up, from five year old Naysa to Lynda's mom, Iva (not saying how old you are, sweetie :)) We grabbed our goodies and gathered together on Lynda's deck and enjoyed her beautiful backyard garden. We'd been praying for good weather and couldn't have been happier with the mid-80's sunshine we had.

Since many of my friends don't know each other, I had each guest introduce herself and share either a scripture or some relational advice with Lindsay. I marvelled at the wonderful diversity and wisdom my friends and daughters brought to that gathering. I have to admit I learned a few things myself ;)

As Lindsay opened her gifts, she received (as did we all) an unexpected bonus--there were wonderful stories behind the "old" presents she unwrapped. Ann gave her a gorgeous Fenton candy dish that she'd received as a wedding gift. Iva passed on some beautiful antique glass pieces and a handkerchief that was handmade by her grandmother! Lynda decoupaged vintage pictures (with superimposed photos of Lindsay and Nich) onto a rad pink vintage waste basket. Debbie gave her a crocheted dresser scarf that had been a sign of God's providence to her many years ago. The stories that accompanied the gifts were priceless!

When Lindsay had opened all her loot, we had a time of prayer for her and Nich. I was so blessed to hear the heartfelt prayers of my wonderful friends--how wonderful it is to begin a relationship in the midst of Christian community.

I want to offer a heartfelt "thank you" to all who were part of the shower (two even participated from afar) and to all who have poured into Lindsay's life!