Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mother's intuition, part 2

So Candyce drove a van full of DTS students to Estes Park, CO and back to Salem this past week.

And I was really snxious about it!

You'd think after all that girl has been through--the land mines, the LRA gunfire, the refugee camps, the malaria--I wouldn't think twice about a cross-country road trip. But for some reason, I felt compelled to pray--HARD--and it turns out there was good reason!

For starters, the queen mother of October storms hit on Thursday, dumping several feet of snow in Colorado. The highway out of town was closed (thank You, God) so their departure was actually delayed a full day.

Then, operating on very little sleep, Candyce did most of the driving during the two day trip home. I wasn't aware of this, but felt continually prodded to pray for safe travels, as I envisioned angels devotedly surrounding the packed van (kind of like those kitchy pictures of angels watching over semi-trucks barrelling down the highway).

The angels got their workout about half-way through the Gorge. Candyce said she was zooming over the pass, anxious to get home, when a loud BANG rocked the van. The blowout flung the vehicle across several lanes of traffic, stopping just short of the median. Candyce was able to quickly regain control of the van and manuevered back across the road to the shoulder . . .

. . . where the little stud muffin insisted on changing the tire herself!

Strangely, I'd texted her about this time, needing assurance that she was still in one piece. She didn't reply, but called when she got back to Salem, downplaying the whole event with the words, 'I thought we were all going to die, Mom!"

Not as long as moms pray and angels respond and God had big plans for your life, my dear!


Candyce Strannigan said...

i swear i am alive only because of your prayers!
Thanks for always praying so faithfully for me mom. Maybe thats why i have no fear of things that should kill me.

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