Friday, February 12, 2010

life at warp speed

I haven't stopped blogging because there's nothing going on in my life--au contraire!

Sometimes it feels like God pushes the "high" button on my life's speedometer and it's all I can to to hang on. Life happens--and changes--so quickly that I can't even begin to formulate my thoughts before everything transitions again.

I'm not complaining--much of what's happening is amazing! We are making plans to leave for Africa mid-March for our youngest daughter's wedding! Greg and I have never traveled internationally before, so this is a big learning curve for us. Visas? Yellow fever shots? Malaria and typhoid medicine? Can you redeem airmiles on flights to Africa?

Does anyone want to housesit for one very cool cat and one spazzy little dog for two weeks?

On the not-so-fun side, Greg's mom is having triple bypass surgery on Tuesday. I will fly down on Monday to hang out with my beloved father-in-law while Mary is in surgery. I fly home Wednesday and will hit the ground running.

Please pray that the surgery goes well!