Saturday, February 13, 2010

three bad ladies . . .

I got a call from Virgil yesterday--my longtime friend from a tiny Native village in Alaska. He checks in with Greg and me several times a year. The last time he phoned, it was to ask my advice about marrying a certain woman he'd met at the Red Dog mine (where he works).

I am not prone to give advice on such matters--I just asked him some questions and talked a bit about the Genesis Process. When he hung up, I was under the impression that he'd decided against tying the knot with his lady friend.

Apparently I was wrong. Virgil's call yesterday was a belated wedding announcement. He'd gotten hitched on January 29th! He sounded chipper--and sober--and I had to grin as he described his "proposal."

"I loved three women before you," he told his beloved. "One was from Russia, one from Germany, and the last from Tennessee."

(Um, did you do the mail-order bride thing, Virgil? I wondered as he spoke. Kind of difficult to do when you don't have Internet access).

That mystery cleared up as Virgil gave his previous lovers' names: The Russian was Smirnoff, the German girl, Hefeweizen, and the Tennessee gal: Jackie Daniels!

"I have let them go," Virgil proclaimed to his bride-to-be. "You are my love now."

I laughed at his creative proposal and offered Virgil and Pearlie my congratulations. He promised to have his daughter email me pictures of the wedding.

I'm praying for the success of this marriage--and that those former girlfriends stay far, far away!