Friday, March 26, 2010

rehearsal, african style

The rehearsal was quite the hoot. Was originally scheduled (by Jennifer) to start at 2:00, got postponted to 3 and eventually got underway around 4:30. TIA! (This is Africa)

Jennifer did a wonderful job overseeing the event. She reminds me of Lindsay, very good at organizing and motivating people. She'd grab an empty water bottle and pretend it was a microphone and greet the invisible audience. She's pretty no-nonsense, too, firmly ousting the small, grubby urchins who tried to join the wedding party. As far as I can tell, the church has no doors, so the whole neighborhood will be invited to the wedding :)

There were two main rules for the rehearsal: 1) Candyce is to be the center of attention at all times, and 2) be flexible! My role/position changed about 20 times as we worked through the ceremony, but I have no worries about tomorrow. I think it will all go splendidly and everyone will have a wonderful time.

The officiating pastor never showed up for the rehearsal and the Uganda Jesus Village boys (who will serve as both choir and ushers) trickled in towards the end. Greg has a major role in the ceremony, which is very cool--and not often allowed in Ugandan weddings. I'm really excited that Abdullah (my boda boda driver) has promised to come to the wedding--he loved the shirt and tie I bought him. Steven told him that the wedding is at a Christian church, but Abdullah said that was OK, he would be there.

I think Candyce and Steven's wedding will be a bit like the wedding Jesus talks about in Matthew 22, where the poor, the blind and the lame are all invited to the ceremony.

Candyce, Lucy (flower girl), Jacey (maid of honor) and I will all be driven to a salon in Mengo very early tomorrow a.m. Jennifer told us that the hairdresses here think it takes at least 3 hours to "do" mzungu hair. Cracks me up, since it takes me about 3 minutes to fix mine at home. We will take our wedding clothes, make-up, snacks, etc. and spend all morning getting gussied up--then a rented mercedes will pick us up and transport us back to the church right before the wedding. Candyce will stay in the car until it's time for her to walk down the aisle with her dad. Since the church is just a big, open air building, there's no place for a bride to wait or get ready.

The reception will be back here at the Namirembe Guest House. There will be BBQ'd goat and pork, matoke (mashed bananas) and other African fare. I hear that the guests will bring presents--and it's not uncommon for chicken and goats to be offered to the happy couple (can I bring the chicken back to Oregon, Greg?) Please pray for good weather on Saturday since most people will walk to the wedding and the reception will be out of doors.

I don't know if I'll get much chance to blog again since we've been using Candyce and Steven's computers and they will be taking them back soon. But I am going to have the wedding video'd and will take lots of pictures as I can. Candyce and Steven will head to Mbosa (Kenya) early on Sunday for the honeymoon.

Greg is preaching twice at Streams of Life church on Sunday, we are spending the day with pastors and new friends and then finally will be dropped off at the airport at 10 Sunday night. To start our long, sad trip home . . .

I will have a showing of the video and pictures when we get back (and recover from jetlag). If you are anywhere near Oregon, you are invited to come and virtually celebrate with us!

Thank you for all your love and prayers! Truly wish you all could join us!